Classic Sound. Future Technology.

When it comes to sound, we trust our ears. By taking the best from the analog era and matching it with cutting edge and emerging audio technology, we provide our clients with the highest quality recordings possible.

Designed by Neve Himself

The best studio requires the best gear. Rose Lane spared no expense with an all-new, custom built mixing console designed by Rupert Neve, whose analog preamps are internationally recognized as the best in the industry.

Classic Rock to Hip-Hop

Great minds don’t always think alike. Diversity in expertise and know-how provides a rich creative landscape fostering unexpected possibilities. Everyone has their own style, but we have the creative minds and tools to develop your own truly unique sound.

Control Room

Our control room features the most technologically advanced audio systems available with 154dB(A) headroom, a 256 channel ProTools 11 system, and an all-new custom designed Neve console built by Rupert Neve himself.

Tracking Room

Our tracking room boasts 800 square feet of acoustic perfection and unimpaired sight into the control and ISO rooms. Choose from an exceptional collection of microphones and instruments, or easily arrange your preferred setup.

ISO Rooms

Our ISO rooms are surrounded with materials that remove unwanted frequencies and natural reverberations. With windows into the tracking room and the control room, musicians are able to interact with each other throughout the recording session.

Acoustic Room

The acoustic room was designed by placing our Yamaha grand piano in the room first and building around the piano’s sound. The result is a recording space that enables us to capture the full natural dynamic range from any acoustic instrument.


Sound Production
Sound Design

Voice Over