Film Studio

4k multi-camera setup. Grip and lighting. 2,700 sq ft soundstage.

On Location. On Stage. Online.

We’re in the business of telling amazing stories. Everybody’s got one, and we’re here to help you share yours with the world. Our experienced video production team is ready for any challenge, and no matter what we do, we strive to make powerful, lasting impressions. Whether you need a commercial, music video, or a live-streamed event, we are here to grow your business by making your vision come to life.


Every great production starts with superior pre-production. Rose Lane has the expertise and know-how to get your film project on track.


Now that we have the goods, it’s time to pull your story together and polish it for primetime. Our post production services include editing, color correction, audio mastering and finishing.


2,700 SQ FT Soundstage
Seemless White Cove
Camera Packages
Grip Equipment
Lighting Packages
Tele Prompting
Script Writing
Audio Packages