Rose Lane Studio is a state of the art multimedia production facility designed and built to accommodate creative minds within the entertainment industry. We provide a variety of products and services that aim to facilitate and breathe life into the artistic endeavors of multimedia production teams by providing first class customer support. From video projection mapping and immersive virtual reality to audio recording, mixing and mastering, if you can dream it then we can help bring it to life.


Rose Lane Studio has been designed and constructed from the floor up taking the environmental footprint into consideration. The building’s insulation is comprised of rockwool material, a natural alternative fiber made of spewed lava rock and chalk. The walls in the studio are primarily pine and the diffusion panels are constructed from bamboo and straw. Last but not least, the floors are entirely made of rubber from recycled car tires, with each room constructed as an individual building standing on rubber pads under its own concrete slab.

Why the emphasis on organic material? These ‘green’ alternatives not only aid in the creative process, but also provide for better acoustics and a much healthier environment to work in, especially during the long hours often spent in the studio. After years of working in recording studio’s all over the world,  our team has concluded that the less formaldehyde containing products in the acoustic treatment of a studio, the better the environment was to work in.

As a result of this eco-friendly approach to the building’s design and construction, many have described Rose Lane’s Studio A and Studio B to be “the most acoustically accurate control rooms in the world to date.”


"I spent a couple of days at Rose Lane Studio mixing with an Israeli artist over the internet and had a great time! It's a good place and i'm sure i'll be back!" – Alan Parsons; Songwriter, Musician and Record Producer

"World Class Futuristic Brain Child of one of the most Iconic Men I have ever Met! Amazing from top to bottom! I am honored and blessed to have access to such high end creative Environment ." - Wilson Gil, The DTease

"I was privileged to be at Rose Lane Studio when it was just a baby... the energy and vision was amazing! It is NOW in Full swing and all my Dearest friends and colleges record there. From Wilson Gil, Dtease, to Damizza. I can wait to get Back there and Make some Great sounds!" - Ronnie King; Producer

" From the minute I walked into Rose Lane Studio it looked special and sounded special. The system and everything there is simply top of the line. I was so happy to have gotten to work in a space like this." -Alex Angelo; Singer, DJ and Disney Radio Host

"What makes Rose Lane Studio really unique to me is that it is a cutting edge, state-of-the-art facility in both audio and video. This is perfect for my projects with the PianoArc because I am trying to push the boundries in both areas." –Brockett Parsons; Keyboardist, Creator of PianoArc